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Emergency Dental

Find the best emergency dental services in Huntsville, Alabama

We provide reliable, expert, and high-quality emergency dental services to the families of Huntsville and the surrounding areas.
Dental emergencies can cause massive trouble and sometimes excruciating pain. While most cosmetic procedures are done by appointment, even toothaches may sometimes become unable to bear, and require emergency dental care.

Valley Wide Dental is a specialized emergency dental care provider with highly qualified and vastly experienced dentists trained to handle dental emergencies.

Our Dental Emergency Services

At Valley Wide Dental we can treat a range of problems.

Accidents and injuries

Sports injuries, accidents, or any other trauma can cause a tooth to be chipped, broken, dislodged, or fractured. Injuries may even cause bleeding which requires immediate dental care.

Toothache and swelling

Whether it has been building for a while, or you just felt one episode of sharp toothache that is impossible to bear, it is always advisable to get to the dental clinic ASAP. If you notice swelling, it is certainly a cause for concern as well.

Loss of crown or filling

Missing a crown or losing a filling from your teeth should not be ignored and must be treated quickly. When you notice one of the two missing head to our emergency dental care and we shall take care of the rest.

Gum bleed

Sometimes, patients with sensitive teeth may notice bleeding gums. When you feel the blood in your mouth, it is a sign of something deeper and bigger and must immediately be reported to a dentist who can examine the mouth and diagnose the problem.

Certified Emergency dentists in Huntsville, AL

Valley Wide Dental provides expert emergency dental services with certified dentists trained to deal with complex dental emergencies. Our dentists and other staff are friendly and welcoming to make you feel comfortable.