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Root Canals

Tooth Pain & Root Canals in Huntsville

Do not suffer in pain! Get the best toothache treatment and Root Canal Treatment in Huntsville, AL.
The proficient and experienced dentists at Valley Wide Dental can help you treat severe tooth pain with minimum discomfort.

Most of our dental problems arise when bacteria attack and are left to thrive, eating away at healthy teeth and even gums. When the damage is left unexplored for a while, the cavity starts to cause pain and abscess in some cases. If it cannot be treated with a simple filling, you will be needing a Root Canal.

Some common problems that point to a root canal treatment include:

  • Severe pain in teeth which is felt deeper and may even affect your jaw
  • High sensitivity to hot or cold foods, drinks, etc.
  • Swelling in your gums
  • Swelling may be in the jaw as well
  • Feeling of immense pain while chewing or when pressure is applied

A treatment requires 2 – 4 visits and includes various steps like cleaning, making access holes, pulp removal, disinfecting the teeth, shaping canals, filling, sealing, and placing the crowns.

A root canal treatment will help you with:

  • Preventing the spread of infection further or affecting the surrounding teeth
  • Pain relief
  • Eliminate the risk of damage to the bone
  • Averting tooth extraction

Certified dentists for Root Canal Treatment in Huntsville, Alabama

At Valley Wide Dental, we offer specialized treatments and dental care services including Root Canal  for severe toothache.